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Gnostic Speculative Cosmologies : The Gods before "God"

God’s Family Tree

“Seeing that everybody, gods of the world and mankind, says that nothing existed prior to chaos, I, in distinction, shall demonstrate that they are all mistaken…” (1) Gnostic creation myths are unbelievably complex, bizarre and convoluted; compared to such texts […]

God Above God : Before the Beginning

Before there was a God, a heaven or an earth, there was only the Alien God, the infinite and eternal mind who dreams all realities: “There is a perfect preexistent Aeon, dwelling in the invisible and unnameable elevations… in quiet […]

The Alien God and Panentheism

The gnostic Christians acknowledged a supreme being, but their god was not the bumbling, all-too-human creator god of the Bible. The Yahweh of Genesis was wrathful, jealous, particular and vindictive; how could he be the highest form of mind, when […]

The Non-Existent God and the Multiverse

THE NON-EXISTENT GOD The main difference between the “Alien god” of gnosticism and the Biblical god of Genesis is the idea that the Alien god never created anything, much less the world; the Alien God simply is. Or is not […]

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The Demiurge and Disorder

The Biblical creator god’s greatest flaw is his ignorance – he literally does not understand where he came from. The Demiurge’s limited awareness made him the target of many cruel jokes in the gnostic scriptures, not least of which were […]

The Creation of Chaos

At the beginning of time, Sophia (the world soul) broke away from Christ (the world spirit) and gave birth to Yaldabaoth, the arrogant creator-god of the Old Testament. The exact process by which this cosmic fiasco occurred was the subject […]

Birth of the Demiurge

As Sophia looked down into the swirling void, a monstrous creature swam forth from the darkness – an insane fallen angel called “the Demiurge”: “…a Ruler first appeared out of the waters… having a great authority within himself, but not […]

Blasphemy of Samael

The Demiurge looked at his surroundings, realized that he was alone, and declared himself “god”; Sophia acted quickly to punish this cosmic usurper, blinding and banishing him in one fell swoop: “Opening his eyes he saw a vast quantity of […]

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Archons of Eden

As the gnostic scriptures reveal, the Garden of Eden was not a paradise, but a prison laboratory where fallen angels called “Archons” conducted a series of bizarre experiments in an attempt to produce a compliant strain of primate slaves. Banished […]

Sophia Revealed

When he had finished creating the physical universe, Yaldabaoth boasted to the angels beneath him, demanding that they worship him as the supreme being: “[Yaldaboth] said… ‘I am a jealous God, and there is no other God besides me.’ But […]

Yaldabaoths Vision

When Yaldabaoth realized that his creation was threatened by Immortal Man, he began to preen and bluster shamelessly: “… when he actually knew that an enlightened, immortal man existed before him, [Yaldabaoth] was very much disturbed…. …Like a fool [he] […]

Adam the Golem

Adam (the first man) was a misbegotten android, spawned when Yaldabaoth tried to duplicate and enslave a reflected vision of Immortal Man which startled the Rulers when it appeared in the waters of paradise. “Now the Rulers took some soil […]

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Secrets of the Serpent Savior

Disgusted by the Rulers’ antics, Sophia sent a slithering spirit to help the hapless humans: a divine messenger known as the “Instructor” or the “female spiritual principle.” This slithering spirit (also known as “the serpent” in the Old Testament) descended […]

The Forbidden Fruit

Hoping to keep mankind ignorant, the Archons warned Adam and Eve not to eat from the Tree of Knowledge: “Then the seven took counsel. They came to Adam and Eve timidly. They said to him… “Every tree which is in […]

Tempted by the Serpent

The serpent arose from inside Adam and Eve as a whispering voice which prompted them to curiousity and rebellion, urging them to disobey Yaldabaoth and eat from the tree. “Then the one who is wiser than all of them, this […]

Eating from the Tree

Adam ate from the Tree of Knowledge and absorbed some of Eve’s divine force. The surge of living, intelligent energy in his nervous system triggered a spontaneous kundalini arousal, opening a direct channel between his reproductive organs and his brain […]

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Yaldabaoth the Mad Scientist

Hidden History of the Flood

Almost every culture on Earth has some sort of flood myth – and the same haunting feeling accompanies them all, the same nagging suspicion that something so traumatic as to be almost unbearable might actually have happened. Intense trauma can […]

Those Nasty Nephilim

The idea that an omnipotent creator god could callously seek to exterminate an entire species for the sins of a few shocks and outrages the conscience, but the Biblical “flood” had nothing to do with human sin; instead, fallen angels […]

Naughty Norea

It was not Noah who was the hero of the flood story, but Eve’s daughter Norea – a fiery, rebellious young woman who sabotaged Noah’s ark, rejected Yaldabaoth’s lecherous advances and finally escaped on the wings of an angel. Yaldabaoth, […]

The Legend of Lillith

The role played by Norea in the gnostic version of the flood myth is in many ways reminiscent of the Jewish story of Adam’s hot-tempered first wife, Lilith. Like Norea, Lilith too is fiery – the name Lilith even means […]