The Independent

“The Gnostic Friends Network is a virulent anti-Christian outpouring, headlined Jesus Says Love Your Enemies. It takes the Gnostic belief that this world was the work of the Devil and turns it into a charter for Devil-worshipping that has the shrill sensation seeking of a latter-day Aleister Crowley.”1

  1. Stanford, Peter. “The secret world of the new Gnostics.” The Independent. 18 March, 2004. []


  1. Nice work, you h4x0r1z3d the media. Good to see the new site up and your presence again! —Fell

  2. Lux en Tenebris

    Dawn of gnoses Helios light of Eschatonic Implosion. Ignorance is the fundament of pneumatic wisdom. Media = agnosis/stupid consensus trance

  3. There ARE factions as there were in the origins of this truth………….Factions that play on divine wisdom for a good end or a black one. Which one have you chosen? Or which one has been chosen for you?

  4. It’s funny how they call us Devil worshipers when it is them who worship the one we term as the Devil.

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