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“Neo-gnostics today specifically praise Intelligent Design theory for supporting gnosticism. The “Gnostic Friends Network” (, in articles such as “Intelligent Design: Proof of the Demiurge?” refer to the creator god Yaldabaoth as a Demiurge, a fallen angel or evil space alien:

The gnostics taught that God was a mad scientist named “Yaldabaoth” who had been created by accident and built the earth as a prison for pre-existent human souls. He cloned Adam, raped Eve, and kicked them both out of Paradise when Christ came in the form of a serpent to liberate them.

Would IDers really accept this? It is unclear how serious such neo-gnostics are, but — given our American guarantee of religious freedom — if they were to insist on presenting their views in classrooms it would require unconstitutional entanglement with religion just to find out.” [1]

  1. McIver, Tom. “Who Designed That? Creationism v. Intelligent Design.” eSkeptic, the email Newsletter of the Skeptics Society. Wednesday, June 6th, 2007. []

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